Objective Reviews

You know how it is, the marketing people always make it look great. Sometimes, it is. Other times, it isn't. Honest and objective reviews are how we make good informed decisions. Reveiws found here feature:

  • Honest unbiased opinions
  • Accurate data
  • Professional photos and video

All this comes together for some of the best reviews you'll find anywhere.

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Detailed Tutorials

Working on your R/C models is a big part of the hobby. It can be routine maintenance or advanced modifications. These can be intimidating the first time, and well written instructions with high quality photos and video are extremely helpful. Here you'll find tutorials with:

  • Clearly written instructions
  • Professional photos and video
  • Parts list with links to where you can get the parts

You won't find reviews with poorly written instructions or photos/videos that are dark and grainy. Here you'll find tutorials that are not just helpful, but look pretty slick.

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RC Bloggin'

News and random musings about this great hobby. One day you may be reading about the next bit event. The next day a simple but helpful tip on how to disconnect those annoying batter connectors.

  • Variety of topics
  • Unbiased opinions
  • More professional photos and videos. Who doesn't like high quality R/C photos and videos?

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