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120SR Landing Skids Mod

Posted by Doug February 18, 2015

​The 120SR comes with decent landing skids that don't break too often, but are one of the weaker parts of the hell and don't look very nice. There are some other options available that look better and are more durable. read more...

NanoCPX Frame Pin Mod

Posted by Doug March 1, 2015

One common problem is breaking canopy pins. The frame does not have replaceable pins like other larger helis. This means you need a new frame. That means you need to pull it all apart and put it all back together. This method fixes the existing pin and frame and results in a stronger frame. read more...

National Parks - No Fly Zone

Posted by Doug May 1, 2014

Everything is getting smaller, lighter, cheaper, and much better. It is now possible, and quite popular, to put HD video cameras on flying R/C vehicles. This week Yosemite National Park (and all National Parks for that matter) has responded. They have officially banned any "drone" inside the park. read more...